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Birthplace Mentoring School (BPMS) is more than a programme. It is an interesting journey to fulfilment.
Our primary focus is to help you reach your goals and become all God intends you to be.

Our approach: Relational mentoring is our approach and encompasses the heart, head and hands.
character development
We instil the love, values and passion of Christ and the call in you.
knowledge acquisition
We help you develop understanding, knowledge and wisdom required for fulfilling your assignment.
skill development
we help you develop ministry and life skills necessary for you to live fulfilled.

Who should participate?
Do you consider yourself young?
Do you sense God’s call on your life and need clarity?
Do you want to know how to launch into your calling?
Do you yearn to see the grace on your life produce results?
DO you want to know how to use ALL your gift/ talents to the maximum?
Do you need God to reveal his purpose for your life?
Do you need a friend with whom you could be real while you walk into destiny?
Do you seek a mentor capable of objectively inspiring the best of you into manifestation?
Do you consider yourself teachable?
If you answered yes to any 4 of the above questions; the birthplace mentoring school is for you.

-fast paced growth in defined areas of your life
-developed ability to serve and lead others
-ability to implement written down vision
Exclusive services at any BirthPlace conference
-direct access to Anne Atulaegwu
-a certificate of participation

Some BPMS specifics
-receiving God’s revealed purpose
-nursing the vision
-implementing the vision
-identifying priorities
-ministering as a teen/youth
-handling first time ministrations
-getting the approval of the people
-handling family disapproval
-finding a platform
-handling rejection
-Recognising your seasons and time
-handling ‘’wrong’’ relationships
-protecting your focus
-serving your local church without losing your identity
-relating with insecure pastors/spiritual leaders
-harnessing the strengths of your temperament
-finding back your passion for ministry
-recognising God’s leading
-setting up a ministry structure
-finding and following God’s pattern for your assignment
-recognizing hidden traps
-identifying your gifts
-identifying your personality/personality style
-handling sexual pressure
-relating with subordinates and superiors successfully plus lots more!

What makes BPMS UNIQUE?
The birth place mentoring school is committed to the fulfilment of God’s plan in your life. At BPMS you are inspired, taught and raised into the best of you. Here, you see into the life of your mentor as she leads you in a "no mask" approach. 
You get corrected in love and your mistakes are healthily separated from your identity.

She well understands that been a mentor is NOT the following:

A PARENT:  Relationship with our protegee' is based on mutual respect. Hence, your mentor is not in a role which entitles her/him to determine or interfere in every decision you make. She/He is only someone who has gone a few steps ahead and is willing to turn around and help someone along the same path. The focus is to help you mature. I are more like "resource" persons hence; you are expected to take final responsibility for your growth.

A MODEL OF PERFECTION:  Perfection is an assumption that keeps many from becoming a mentor of others. Hence, We do not assume "perfection’’.  We believe in practical approaches for instance, this is how I have handled it in this type of situation... this is what I did when... this is how it turned out..this is how I should have done it, etc. We believe in openness and vulnerability.

A RESIDENT TEACHER: The role of a mentor is not that of a teacher or counsellor although the mentoring process includes aspects of these roles. This is because while teachers or counsellors may be needed for a one time seminar or counselling session, the mentor will be teaching his/her mentoree from his/her life over a defined period of time.

AN ELDER PATRIARCH: A common mentoring misconception is that the mentor must be much older than the mentoree or that a mentor must be a certain age in order to mentor someone else. At BPMS, we believe that a mentor is someone the mentoree respects and wants to learn from regardless of age.

·                     Do not expect a mentor to make your choices for you.
·                     Expect a friendship to develop but understand that a mentor is not your best friend or buddy. 
·                     The mentor is to help challenge and assist you to grow in areas of your life, which may not be all that comfortable at times.
·                     You need to identify areas where you seek growth and understand your priorities as this is not your mentor’s responsibility.
·                     Do not expect to monopolize your mentor’s time. While it would never be a problem for you to contact your mentor, you need to be respectful of his/her time.

For further enquiries and to enroll for this programme,
Send an SMS to +2347038803218 containing your name and email and we will get back to you in minutes!


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