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We hold conferences and outreaches every year. The Joy and fulfilment we derive on seeing great improvement in the lives of young people and women continue to drive us towards excellence. It is with the help of committed partners like you that we have been able to make such impart through the years.

Partnership Donations are made through PAY STACK  a safe and secure third party financial service provider. You do not have any need to worry about cyber theft.

Partnership Donations are used for 

Eagle's Soar Conference
A youth conference where young people are inspired, energized, tutored and dressed for God’s given assignment.  To make a donation for Eagles Soar Conference, please Click

Tamar's Pouch Conference
An annual gathering of females (teens, singles and married). Vital issues such as self esteem, dating and sex, relationships, engagement and courtship, marriage and divorce, abuse, hurts, purpose, career, relationship with God, business and fulfillment plus more are effectively handled. The best of speakers are selected annually and the conference is organized to teach new skills such as make-up, craft, design, home spa treatment, interior design and more to participant. Every year, participants leave whole, inspired, transformed and equipped. To make a donation for Tamar's Pouch Conference, please Click
Single Mom's reach out 
This is a nation building initiative geared towards single mothers.They are financially aided to start a business or/and learn a trade. It is a one day event during which these ladies are ministered to, encouraged, inspired and led to walk purposefully and triumphantly in life. They get make overs, clothes, food stuffs, baby items and other things.The aim of this event is to inspire wholeness and purpose in them; this in turn transforms them into women of positive influence on their children and the nation at large.  To make a donation for Single Mom's reach out, please Click

Save A girl Child Outreach
Save a girl Child Secondary School Outreach is an educative campaign conducted in secondary schools across Nigeria, geared towards educating young girls on all forms of abuse, liberating them from the shackles of sexual and emotional abuse and empoweringthem to live fulfilled  lives irrespective of their past. To make a donation for Save A girl Child Outreach, please Click

Jtow Outreach 
JTOW is the Outreach arm of the Birthplace, charged with the responsibility of taking the gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ around Africa and to the uttermost ends of the earth.
We believe in influencing lives one at a time while seizing opportunities to reach out to groups whenever we can. To make a donation for  Jtow outreach, please Click

 Thank you for changing lives with us!


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